23:30 ~ 01:02 (02:11)


Unit 011 ~ 021


이틀 만에 다시 10 유닛 한다고 집중력이 떨어졌나?

초반에는 틀렸던 문장도 안 틀리고 잘 듣고 받아썼는데 뒤로 갈수록 틀리던 건 계속 틀리고 안 틀리던 문장들도 틀린다.

핑계 대지 말자! 연습 부족이다!!

듣기 말하기가 부족하니 안 되는 거지...

그나마 두 번째 듣고 받아쓰기하는 거라고 공부 시간은 조금 줄었네.

처음 듣고 받아쓰기할 때는 두 시간 걸렸는데, 두 번째라고 한 시간 반에 끊었다.

뭐 점점 듣고 받아쓰기 실력이 늘어나는 것 같아서 기분은 좋다.

22회 차는 7 유닛씩 듣고 받아쓰기 하자!


받아쓰기 틀린 문장들

Unit 011 : worked / got / went, etc. (simple past)

Yesterday it rained all morning. It stopped at lunchtime.

We enjoyed the party last night. We danced a lot and talked to a lot of people. The party ended at midnight.


Unit 012 : I didn't... Did you...?

I played tennis yesterday, but I didn't win.


Unit 013 : I was doing (past continuos)


Unit 014 : I was doing (past continuos) and I did (simple past)

What did he do when his phone rang? He stopped reading and answered his phone.


Unit 015 : I used to...

When I was a child, I used to like chocolate.

Liz has short hair now, but it used to be very long.

They used to live on the same street as us, so we used to see them a lot. But we don't see them much anymore.

Allison used to have a piano, but she sold it a few years ago.

I didn't use to like tomatoes, but I like them now.


Unit 016 : Have you...?

Mary is an interesting person. She has had many different jobs and has lived in many different places.

How many times has Brazil won the World Cup?

Has Michelle ever been to Australia? Yes, once.


Unit 017 : How long have you...?

Vera lives in Brasilia. How long has she lived in Brasilia? She has lived there all her life.


Unit 018 : for since ago

Rachel is in Brazil. She has been there for three days. She has been there since Monday.

Life was very different a hundred years ago.

How long has she been in Brazil? She has been in Brazil for three days.


Unit 019 : I have done (present perfect) and I did (past)

I've decided to quit my job. Really? Why?

They're having a party next week, but they haven't invited me.

I decided to quit my job.

William Shakespeare lived from 1564 to 1616. He was a writer. He wrote many plays and poems.

Does James know that you're going away? No, I haven't told him yet.

Has Nicole started her new job yet? No, she's starting next week.

Silvia has bought a new dress, but she hasn't worn it yet.


Unit 020 : is done, was done (passive 1)

When was the telephone invented?

We weren't invited to the party last week.

Was anybody injured in the accident? Yes, two people were taken to the hospital.

Do you like these paintings? They were pained by a friend of mine.


Unit 021 : is being done, has been done (passive 2)

Somebody has painted the door.

The room isn't dirty anymore. It has been cleaned. The room was cleaned yesterday.

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