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Unit 099 ~ 105


개망, 폭망 오늘도 제정신이 아님...

계속 틀리던 관사, ~ed form, 연은 문제가 아니라 이건 심각한 수준이다.

점점 자괴감이 느껴진다.

한계점을 느끼고 한계점을 돌파하고 따위는 사치스러운 얘기이고...

이건 뭐 초등학생 수준도 안 되게 틀리고 있네.

이틀 연속 이러니 여태까지 공부한 게 쓸모없게 느껴진다.

하루하루 나아지고 성장하는 모습이 보이지 않은 지 오래된 것 같다.

이러다 지쳐서 또 포기할 것 같다.

공부하면서 성장하는 걸 느끼고 재미있게 하는 게 아니라 뭔가 그냥 의무적으로 하루하루 때우기 위해서 하는 느낌도 든다.

매일 숙제하는 기분...

의미 없이 시간만 보내는 숙제를 하려고 잠 못 자고 시간 쪼개가면서 공부하는 게 아닌데 말이지...

뭔가 초심을 다시 잡을 수 있는 계기를 만들어야 하나?

동기부여... 집중... 의무적이지 않게...

이틀 연속 이러니 오늘은 정말 모르겠다...


받아쓰기 틀린 문장들

Unit 099 : a person who... a thing that / which... (relative clauses 1)

Jack was wearing a hat that was too big for him. or Jack was wearing a hat which was too big for him.

A thief is a person who steals things.

An airplane is a machine that flies.

Emma lives in a house that is 100 years old.

An airplanes is a machine which flies.


Unit 100 : the people we met, the hotel you stayed at (relative clauses 2)

The bag that he is carrying is very heavy. or The bag he is carrying is very heavy.

Did you find the books you wanted?

We stayed at a hotel. The hotel we stayed at was near the station.


Unit 101 : at 8:00, on Monday, in April

I can't sleep at night.

They like to eat out on the weekend. or They like to eat out on weekends.

The park is beautiful in the fall.

We go on vacation every summer. Last summer we went to Europe.


Unit 102 : from... to, until, since, for

Gary stayed with us for three days.


Unit 103 : before, after, during, while

I fell asleep during the movie.

I often fall asleep while I'm reading.

They watched TV after they did the dishes.

We didn't speak during the meal. but We didn't speak while we were eating.

We played basketball for two hours.

After doing the dishes, they watched TV.

I started work after reading the newspaper.


Unit 104 : in, at, on (places 1)

Milan is in the north of Italy. Naples is in the south.

The car is waiting at the traffic light.

There is a stamp in the envelope.


Unit 105 : in, at, on (places 2)

I read about the accident in the newspaper.

Do you want me to meet you at the train station?

I saw Tom at the doctor's.

There weren't many people at the party.

Does your sister have a job? No, she's still in school. or No, she's still in college.

I met Anna on the way to work. I met Anna on the way home.

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