23:38 ~ 01:13 (02:42)

Unit 106 ~ 113

20번을 읽었는데도 불구하고 계속 틀리는 건 후반부 유닛들은 매번 대충대충 읽었다는 것이다.

집중하자고 해 놓고 집중도 안 하고 대충대충...

오늘은 마지막 8개 유닛을 했는데 역시나 많이 틀렸다.

뭔가 문법적으로 막 틀린 것보다는 그냥 기초적인 것들에서 계속 틀리고 있다.

임계점이 오기 전에 지루해져서 포기하진 말자...

받아쓰기 틀린 문장들

Unit 106 : to, in, at (places 3)

What time did you arrive at the hotel?

Unit 107 : next to, between, under, etc.

Ashley is next to Ben.

Ben is between Ashley and Cathy.

Ashley is on the left.

Our house is by the ocean.

The girl is standing under a tree.

B is below the line.

The shelves are below the pictures.

Unit 108 : up, over, through, etc.

A man came out of the house and got into a car.

Some people say it is unlucky to walk under a ladder.

A bird flew into the room through a window.

The bus stop is just around the corner.

I was walking along the road with my dog.

Let's go for a walk along the river.

The dog swam across the river.

They walked past me without speaking.

Excuse me, how do I get to the hospital? Go along this street, past the movie theater, under the bridge, and the hospital is on the left.

Unit 109 : on, at, by, with, about

We listened to the news on the radio.

Was the train late? No, it was on time.

Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius.

Jenn usually goes to work by bike.

Have you read any books by Charles Dickens?

Who's that painting by? Andy Warhol?

Did you stay at a hotel or with friends?

I cut the paper with a pair of scissors.

I'd like to have a house with a big yard.

Some people talk about their work all the time.

There was a program about volcanoes on TV last night. Did you see it?

Unit 110 : afraid of..., good at..., etc. of / at / for, etc. (prepositions) + ~ing

Are you fed up with doing the same thing every day?

After doing the housework, they went shopping.

Unit 111 : listen to..., look at..., etc. (verb + preposition)

I can't find my phone. What happened to it.

When Pat is at work, a friend of hers takes care of her children.

He never thinks about other people.

She lost her key. She's looking for it.

Do you like eating in restaurants? Sometimes. It depends on the restaurant.

Do you want to come out with us? It depends where you're going. or It depends on where you're going.

Unit 112 : go in, fall off, run away, etc. (phrasal verbs 1)

Kate opened the door of the car and got it.

A car stopped, and a woman got out.

She stood up and left the room.

We looked up at the stars in the sky.

We went out for dinner and then went back to our hotel.

Unit 113 : put on your shoes, put your shoes on (phrasal verbs 2)

I read the letter and then put it back in the envelope.

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