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Unit 091 ~ 100


91 ~ 100 유닛은 어려운 구간인 것 같다.

아니면 여태까지 공부했지만 집중 못하고 대충하고 넘어간 구간인 듯

잘 안 들리는 문장들이 꽤 많다.

당연히 틀리는 문장도 많았다.

다음 회차에서는 들리는 문장이 더 많아지고 틀리는 문장이 더 줄어들도록 연습하자!!!


받아쓰기 틀린 문장들

Unit 091 : He speaks English very well. (word order 1)

Jake often wears a black hat.

Why do you always make the same mistake?


Unit 092 : always / usually / often, etc. (word order 2)

Nick is a good swimmer. He also plays tennis and volleyball.

Where's Laura? She's still in bed.


Unit 093 : still, yet, already

Do you still live in Los Angeles? No, I live in San Francisco now.

She hasn't left yet. She's still here.

I haven't finished my homework yet. I'm still doing it.

What time is Joe coming? He's already here.

I'm going to tell you what happened. That's not necessary. I already know.

Sarah isn't coming to the movies with us. She already saw the film.


Unit 094 : Give me that book! Give it to me!

I gave the keys to Sarah.

I lent my car to a friend of mine.

We've seen these pictures. You showed them to us.

I lent Joe some money.

I sent you an email. Did you get it?

I gave the keys to Sarah. and I gave Sarah the keys.

I gave it to her.


Unit 095 : and, but, or, so, because

We stayed home and watched TV.

I bought a sandwich, but I didn't eat it.

Do you want to go out, or are you tired?

I got home, had something to eat, sat down in an armchair, and feel asleep.

It was very hot, so I opened the window.

Joe plays a lot of sports, so he's very fit.

I opened the window because it was very hot.

Because it was very hot, I opened the window.

It was late and I was tired, so I went to bed.


Unit 096 : When...

When you're tired, don't drive. Don't drive when you're tired.

He never played football again after he broke his leg. After he broke his leg, he never played football again.

Hannah will be in Mexico when Sarah is in New York.

I can't talk to you now. I'll talk to you later when I have more time.

Rachel is going to stay in our apartment while we are away.


Unit 097 : If we go... If you see..., etc.

Should we take the bus or a taxi? If we take a bus, It'll be cheaper. We'll get there more quickly if we take a taxi.

If you're hungry, have something to eat.

You'll miss the train if you don't hurry.


Unit 098 : If I had... If we went... etc.

If he had the money, he would buy a fast car.

If he had the money, he would buy a car. or He would buy a car if he had the money.

I don't know the answer. If I knew the answer, I'd tell you.

It's raining, so we're not going out. We'd get wet if we went out.

Emily lives in a city. She likes cities. She wouldn't be happy if she lived in the country.

It's not a very nice place. I wouldn't go there if I were you.

It would be nice if the weather was better.

What would Tom do if he were here?

I like this jacket, but it's very expensive. I'd buy it if it wasn't so expensive.


Unit 099 : a person who... a thing that / which... (relative clauses 1)

I met a woman. She can speak six languages.

I met a woman who can speak six languages.

A thief is a person who steals things.

An airplane is a machine that files.

Emma lives in a house that is 100 years old.

An airplane is a machine which flies.


Unit 100 : the people we met the hotel you stayed at (relative clauses 2)

The bag that he is carrying is very heavy. or The bag he is carrying is very heavy.

Did you find the books you wanted?

The people we met were very friendly.

Everything I said was true.

The movie we saw was very good.

We stayed at a hotel. The hotel we stayed at was near the station.

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