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Unit 101 ~ 110


후반부 유닛들이라서 그런지 문장도 많고, 못 알아먹겠는 문장들도 많다.

20번이나 읽었는데 정말 후반부 유닛들은 집중하지 않고 읽었나 보다.

생소한 문장들도 많다.


받아쓰기하다 보니 잘 안 들리더라도 어떤 상황에서의 문장인지만 떠오르면 대략적으로 문장을 완성시킬 수 있을 것 같은데...

문장 보고 상황이 안 떠오르거나, 바로 문장 해석이 안 되는 것들은 해석을 해서 상황을 상상하고 말하기까지 익혀야겠다.

그리고 느낀 거지만 ed form에 참 약하다...

ed가 들어간 문장들은 거의 대부분 걸러내질 못하고 있다.

이건 듣기 문제가 아니라 문장 상황에 대한 이해와 문법이 몸에 익어야 하는데 아직 멀었나 보다.

확실히 듣고 파악할 수 있는 연습을 더 많이 해야겠다.


오늘은 시간도 꽤 많이 걸린 것 같다.

10 유닛씩 하는 건 지칠 수 있을 것 같으니 22회 차부터는 하루에 5 유닛으로 줄이고 문장 상황에 대해서 좀 더 파고들어야겠다.



받아쓰기 틀린 문장들

Unit 101 : at 8:00, on Monday, in April

They like to eat out on the weekend. or They like to eat out on weekends.

The park is beautiful in the fall.

What are you doing this weekend?


Unit 102 : from... to, until, since, for

When are you coming back? On Monday.

Gary stayed with us for three days.


Unit 103 : before, after, during, while

Everybody feels nervous before a test.

I fell asleep during the movie.

We were tired after our visit to the museum.

I often fall asleep while I'm reading.

They watched TV after they did the dishes.

We didn't speak during the meal. but We didn't speak while we were eating.

We played basketball for two hours.

After doing the dishes, they watched TV.

Before eating the apple, I washed it carefully.

I started work after reading the newspaper.


Unit 104 : in, at, on (places 1)

What's in that box? What's in that bag? What's in that closet?

I went for a swim in the river. I went for a swim in the pool. I went for a swim in the ocean.

Milan is in the north of Italy. Naples is in the south.

I live in a big city, but I'd like to live in the country.

There's somebody at the bus stop. There's somebody at the door.

Write your name at the top of the page.

There are some books on the shelf and some pictures on the wall.

There is a stamp on the envelope.

Who is that man on the motorcycle?


Unit 105 : in, at, on (places 2)

Where is Kate? She's in bed.

What's the largest city in the world?

There's a big tree in the middle of the yard.

Do you want me to meet you at the train station?

Where were you yesterday? At my sister's

I saw Tom at the doctor's.

There were't many people at the party.

Does your sister have a job? No, she's still in school. No, she's still in college.

I met Anna on the way to work. I met Anna on the way home.


Unit 106 : to, in, at (places 3)

We walked from my house to the mall.

The best stores are in the mall.

Did you walk home?

What time did you arrive at the hotel?


Unit 107 : next to, between, under, etc.

Ashley is next to Ben.

Ben is between Ashley and Cathy.

Ashley is on the left.

Our house is by the ocean.

The girl is standing under a tree.

A is above the line.

The pictures are above the shelves.

The shelves are below the pictures.


Unit 108 : up, over, through, etc.

We walked from the hotel to the station.

We jumped into the water.

A man came out of the house and got into a car.

I'm going to hang some pictures on the wall.

We walked up the hill to the house.

The plane flew over the mountains.

I jumped over the wall into the yard.

Some people say it is unlucky to walk under a ladder.

The old highway goes through the town.

I walked around the town and took some pictures.

I was walking along the road with my dog.

Let's go for a walk along the river.

The dog swam across the river.

They walked past me without speaking.

Excuse me, how do I get to the hospital?

Go along this street, past the movie theater, under the bridge, and the hospital is on the left.


Unit 109 : on, at, by, with, about

Megan isn't at work this week. She's on vacation.

We watched the news on TV.

We listened to the news on the radio.

The house is on fire! Call the fire department.

Was the train late? No, it was on time.

A car uses more gas at 70 miles an hour than at 55.

Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius.

Do you like traveling by train?

Jenn usually goes to work by bike.

Have you read any books by Charles Dickens?

Who's that painting by? Andy Warhol?

Did you stay at a hotel or with friends?

Do you like your coffee with or without milk?

I cut the paper with a pair of scissors.

I'd like to have a house with a big yard.

Some people talk about their work all the time.

There was a program about volcanoes on TV last night. Did you see it?


Unit 110 : afraid of..., good at..., etc. of / at / for, etc. (prepositions) + ~ing

I'm afraid I can't help you. I'm sorry about that.

I feel sorry for them. They are in a very difficult situation.

Are you fed up with doing the same thing every day?

Mark is thinking of buying a new car.

After doing the housework, they went shopping.

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