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Best friends

This is Carlos.

His best friends name is Kim.

His best friend's name is Kim.

Carlos and Kim are navors.

Carlos and Kim are neighbors.

They play together.



One day Kim tells Carlos. She has to move.

One day, Kim tells Carlos she has to move.

Carlos is sad.

He says goodbye to Kim.

Tears tickle his eyes his belly feel sick.

Tears tickle his eyes. His belly feels sick.

Dad says it is ok to be sad.

Dad says it is okay to be sad.

"You will make new friends." he tells Carlos.


New Friends

Ding dong! The doorbell rings.

Carlos opens the door.

I am your new navor Ben.

"I am your new neighbor Ben!"

Ben tells Carlos. He did not want to move.

Ben tells Carlos he did not want to move.

"I was sad to leave my friends." Ben says.

Carlos put his arms around Ben.

Carlos puts his arm around Ben.

"You will make new friends. " Carlos says.

"I already have!" Ben smiles.


한글날 영어 공부를...

한글만큼 영어도 잘할 수 있으면 좋겠다.


이어지는 문장, 쉼표, 느낌표 등등 말하는 데는 큰 의미 없을 수 있지만 영작할 때는 실수하면 안 되는 것들

모르는 단어는 거의 없는데 스펠링이 가물가물...

꾸준히 하자!


move (moov): To change the place you live.

neighbors (nay-burs): People who live next door to each other.

sad (sad): When you are sad, you feel unhappy.

together (tuh-geTH-ur): Doing an activity with one another.


tickle (ˈtɪkl): tickle (somebody/something) to move your fingers on a sensitive part of someone's body in a way that makes them laugh

tickle (something) to produce a slightly uncomfortable feeling in a sensitive part of the body; to have a feeling like this

belly (ˈbɛli): the part of the body below the chest

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