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I love cookies.

They are so yummy.

I want another one!

Mom says, "No more cookies" Iza.

Mom says, "No more cookies, Iza!"

Tears tickle my eyes.



My heart beats fast.

My face feels hot.

I am angry!

Maybe if I stomp my feet and scream. I will get a cookie.

Mom says, "Go to your room " Iza.

Mom says, "Go to your room, Iza."

I stomp my feet all the way to my room

My anger makes me feel shaky inside.


In my room

I take some deep breaths.

I find a funny book to read.

Mom comes in my room to see why I am laughing.

We read together.

Mom puts her arms around me. She asks if I am still angry.

"Angry?" "What was I angry about?" I ask.


angry (ANG-gree): Feeling or showing annoyance or bad feelings toward someone or something.

scream (skreem): To suddenly cry out in a loud and high voice.

stomp (stahmp): To walk or move with very heavy or noisy steps.

together (tuh-geTH-ur): Doing something with one another.


shaky (ˈʃeɪki): shaking and feeling weak because you are sick, emotional, or old

annoyance (əˈnɔɪəns): the feeling of being slightly angry

toward (tɔrd): in the direction of someone or something

weak (wik): not physically strong

slightly (ˈslaɪtli): a little


내일 출근해야 하는데 요즘 재택 하면서 너무 늦게 자서 오늘은 일찍 자기 위해 공부를 일찍 시작했다.

재택 하면서 생활 패턴이 조금 깨진 것 같다.

출근에 대한 부담이 없다 보니 공부도 미루면서 늦게 하고,

공부 끝나고도 바로 잠들지 않고 다른 짓 하다가 늦게 자고...

다시 출퇴근 생활 패턴으로 바꿔야겠다.

늦어도 1시 이전엔 잘 수 있도록 노력해야지.


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