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It's bedtime.

Mia can't go to sleep.

Mia is afraid she will have a bad dream.

"Think of everything that makes you happy." Mom says.



Mia closes her eyes tightly.

She thinks and thinks.

She thinks about ridding her bike.

She thinks about riding her bike.

Ridding faster than her brother makes her happy.

Riding faster than her brother makes her happy!

Mia thinks about dance class.

She likes ballet best.

Strawberry ice cream makes mia happy.

The sweet taste makes her smile.

Mia thinks about her friends.

They're jokes make her giggle.

Their jokes make her giggle.

Playing soccer makes mia happy.

She thinks about scoring a goal.

Helping people makes mia happy.

She thinks about their hugs.

Sweet dreams make mia happy.

Good night!


ballet (BAL-ay): A style of dance that uses precise, graceful movements.

dream (dreem): Thoughts that happen in a person's mind during sleep.

giggle (gig-uhl): To laugh lightly in a silly way.

goal (gohl): Scoring points for getting a ball in the goal net.


precise (prɪˈsaɪs): clear and accurate

accurate (ˈækyərət): correct and true in every detail


점점 나태해져 가는 느낌이다.

책도 하루에 한 권 짧게 읽고 끝내고...

하루에 영어 공부하는 시간이 지난주부터 한 시간 정도로 확 줄었다.

실력이 느는 느낌이 없어서 그런가...

초심으로 돌아가서 최소 하루 두 시간은 공부하도록 노력하자.

여러 권을 읽기보다는 한 권을 그만큼 더 많이 읽고 익숙해지도록 반복하자.

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