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"Let's go to the lake," says Counselor Lou.

"Take the picnic launch," says counselor Nico.

"Take the picnic lunch," says Counselor Nico.


"Look at the lake!" sighs Marcos.

"I love it," says Viv.

"I could live here forever," says Will.


The counselor set up the picnic launch.

The counselors set up the picnic lunch.

Everyone loves the launch.

Everyone loves the lunch!


"I'm taking a long walk," says Lani.

"I'm going to lie on this blanket," says Marcos.

"I'm going to sit on this log and read a book," says Viv.


Lani and Will walk along the lake.

"Do you hear that noise?" asks Will.

"Look around that log," says Lani.

They find nothing there.


"Shine your light over there," says Lani.

Will shines his light under the low branches.

"Can you see it?" asks Lani.


"Look! A little kitten!" whispers Will.

"Let make a leash and take back to the lake," says Lani.

"Let make a leash and take her back to the lake," says Lani.


"Look at the cute kitten we found," says Lani.

The kitten let out of low growl.

The kitten let out a low growl.

"Let it go! Let it go!" shouts Counselor Lou.

The kitten leaps for Will's leg.


"That is not a kitten! That is a lynx! A wild cat!" yells Viv.

"Leave it alone! RUN!" shouts counselor Lou.

"Leave it alone! And RUN!" shouts Counselor Lou.


lake (LAKE): A lake is a large body of fresh water that is surrounded by land.

lie (LYE): When you lie down you are stretched out, usually on your back, stomach, or side.

light (LITE): A light is another name for a flashlight. You shine the light so the area is brighter.

log (LOG): A log is a part of a fallen tree.

lunch (LUHNCH): Lunch is the meal that happens in the middle of the day.

lynx (LINGKS): A lynx is a wildcat with a bobbed tail, light brown or orange fur, and feathery hair on its ears.


sigh (saɪ): to take and then let out a long, deep breath that can be heard, to show that you are disappointed, sad tired, etc.

blanket (ˈblæŋkət): a large cover, often made of wool, used especially on beds to keep people warm

leash (liʃ): a long piece of leather, chain, or rope used for holding and controlling a dog

leap (lip): to jump high or a long way


어제보단 쉬운 책이다.

문장도 적고 모르는 단어가 적으니 읽고 듣고 받아쓰기하는데 크게 지장이 없었다.

쉬운 것만 볼 순 없고 어려운 책도 같이 봐야겠지...

문장 구조를 익히는 게 우선인가?

질리지 않고 지치지 않으려면 쉬운 책을 보는 것도 방법인 듯.


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