16:40 ~ 17:14


"Let the ball game begin!" yells Counselor Colby.

"It is the Bears against the Bobcats," says Counselor Freya.


"Who is the first at bat?" asks Libay.

"Who is the first at bat?" asks Levi.

"Put your book down Turker," yells Gigi.

"Put your book down, Tucker," yells Gigi.

"You are a bat."

"Your are at bat."


Turker a takes the baseball bat.

Tucker takes the baseball bat.

He swings the bat at the ball three times.

He misses each time.

"You are out!" shouts Empire.

"You are out!" shouts the umpire.


"I thought all boys all good at baseball," says Gigi.

"I thought all boys were good at baseball," says Gigi.

Turker sits sadly on the bench.

Tucker sits sadly on the bench.

It is Gigi's turn to bat.


Gigi swings the bat.

She hits the ball hard.


The ball flies over the fence.

It flies over the bikes.


Gigi runs the bases as fast as she can.

She hears. BAM!

Oh no! The ball went through the bus.

Gigi's ball cracked the bus window!


Counselor Colby stops the play baseball game.

"Gigi, you are a big trouble," he says.

"Gigi, you are in big trouble," he says.


Now Gigi look sad.

Now Gigi looks sad.

"I'm sorry I made such a big mess."


baseball (BAYSS-bawl): Baseball is a sport where teams take turns hitting the ball. The winning team scores the most runs.

bat (BAT): A bat is the wood or aluminum club. It is used to hit the baseball.

bench (BENCH): The bench is the place in the dugout where the players sit.

bikes (BIKESS): Bikes is another word for bicycles. People pedal and ride bikes for fun.

book (BUK): A book is something that has words. A person can read a book to learn.

boys (BOIZ): Boys are young men.


umpire (ˈʌmpaɪər): A person whose job is to watch a game and make sure that rules are not broken


어제 술 약속이 있어서 늦게 들어왔다.

야나두만 강의 한 편 듣고 책 읽기는 못하고 잤다.

오늘 어제 못 읽은 책까지 두 권 읽어야지.

역시 모르는 단어가 적은 책과 많은 책 읽고 의미 파악하고 듣고 받아쓰는데 차이가 많네.



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