16:40 ~ 17:14


"Let the ball game begin!" yells Counselor Colby.

"It is the Bears against the Bobcats," says Counselor Freya.


"Who is the first at bat?" asks Libay.

"Who is the first at bat?" asks Levi.

"Put your book down Turker," yells Gigi.

"Put your book down, Tucker," yells Gigi.

"You are a bat."

"Your are at bat."


Turker a takes the baseball bat.

Tucker takes the baseball bat.

He swings the bat at the ball three times.

He misses each time.

"You are out!" shouts Empire.

"You are out!" shouts the umpire.


"I thought all boys all good at baseball," says Gigi.

"I thought all boys were good at baseball," says Gigi.

Turker sits sadly on the bench.

Tucker sits sadly on the bench.

It is Gigi's turn to bat.


Gigi swings the bat.

She hits the ball hard.


The ball flies over the fence.

It flies over the bikes.


Gigi runs the bases as fast as she can.

She hears. BAM!

Oh no! The ball went through the bus.

Gigi's ball cracked the bus window!


Counselor Colby stops the play baseball game.

"Gigi, you are a big trouble," he says.

"Gigi, you are in big trouble," he says.


Now Gigi look sad.

Now Gigi looks sad.

"I'm sorry I made such a big mess."


baseball (BAYSS-bawl): Baseball is a sport where teams take turns hitting the ball. The winning team scores the most runs.

bat (BAT): A bat is the wood or aluminum club. It is used to hit the baseball.

bench (BENCH): The bench is the place in the dugout where the players sit.

bikes (BIKESS): Bikes is another word for bicycles. People pedal and ride bikes for fun.

book (BUK): A book is something that has words. A person can read a book to learn.

boys (BOIZ): Boys are young men.


umpire (ˈʌmpaɪər): A person whose job is to watch a game and make sure that rules are not broken


어제 술 약속이 있어서 늦게 들어왔다.

야나두만 강의 한 편 듣고 책 읽기는 못하고 잤다.

오늘 어제 못 읽은 책까지 두 권 읽어야지.

역시 모르는 단어가 적은 책과 많은 책 읽고 의미 파악하고 듣고 받아쓰는데 차이가 많네.



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23:00 ~ 00:21


"Grab your shovels and pails!

We're going to the beach for a clam dig.

Clam on the bus," calls Counselor Chloe.

Climb on the bus!" calls Counselor Chloe.


"Look ahead!" shouts Sid.

"There is the tunnel. sound the horn."

"There's a tunnel. Sound the horn!"

The children chant to the tunnel.

The children chant through the tunnel.

"We're going clamming, clamming today. HOOLAY!"

"We're going clamming, clamming today. HOORAY!"


"I bet! I know birth to one the see the ways," says Bread.

"I bet I'm the first one to see the waves," says Bret.

"Don't be to sure." says Yari.

"Don't be too sure," says Yari.

"I'm taller."

The kids clam the next to see the ways.

The kids crane their necks to see the waves.


"Waves!" cries Effie. "I saw them first!"

"Please stay seated," calls Counselor Chloe.

The children clap their hands and cheer.

"We're here!"


"Look at the clouds in the sky," whispers Willa.

"OUCH!" shouts Yari. "That crab got me!"

"Look at the big crab clam," says Bread.

"Look at the big crab claw," says Bret.


"Come on, campers. Look for a clam hole to know where to dig," says Counselor Chloe.

"Look for a dimple, a donut, or a keyhole."


"Dig straight down. Full up this sand to look for a clam," says Counselor Chloe.

"Dig straight down. Pull up the sand to look for a clam," says Counselor Chloe.

"Start clamming, children"


"I got one!" yells Willa.

"Mine just got away!" shouts Yari.

"I'm clothes to a clam, wait! I could it," shouts Bread.

"I'm close to a clam. Wait! I caught it!" shouts Bret.


"Bet clamming was crazy fun," says Yari.

"That clamming was crazy fun," says Yari.

"Yes, but my clothes while I'm meth," says Effie.

"Yes, but my clothes are a mess," says Effie.

"Who cares?" replies Yari.

"We can clean up by camp."

"We can clean up at camp."


clam (KLAM): A clam is a small shellfish that has two closed shells.

clap (KLAP): When you clap, you hit the palms of your hands together.

claw (KLAW): A claw is the sharp, curved nail on the foot of a crab.

clothes (KLOHZ): Clothes are the things you wear to cover your body.

clouds (KLOUDZ): Clouds are the white, puffy masses you see in the sky.

crab (KRAB): A crab is a small creature that lives in the water that has a hard shell and eight legs.


grab (ɡræb): to take or hold someone or something with your had suddenly, firmly, or roughly

shovel (ˈʃʌvl): a tool with a long handle and a broad blade with curved edges, used for moving earth, snow, sand, etc.

pail (peɪl): an open container with a handle, used for carrying or holding liquids, sand, etc. = bucket (ˈbʌkət)

crane (kreɪn): a tall machine with a long arm, used to lift and move building materials and other heavy objects

dimple (ˈdɪmpl): a small hollow place in the skin, especially in the face

mess (mes): a dirty or untidy state


palm (pɑːm): the inner surface of the hand between the wrist and the fingers

puffy (ˈpʌfi): looking swollen

swollen (ˈswəʊlən): larger than normal, especially as a result of a disease or an injury

mass (mæs): a large amount of a substance that does not have a definite shape or form



모르는 단어가 많으니까 읽기도 힘들고 읽어도 의미 파악이 안 된다.

의미 파악이 안 되다 보니 들어도 잘 들리지 않는다.

그러다 보니 받아쓰기도 많이 틀렸다.

일단 단어를 어느 정도 알면 문장의 의미 파악이라도 될 텐데...

책을 읽어도 그림과 같이 보면서 이해하면 되는데 초등학교 3단계인데 그림 보고 의미 파악이 안 되는 것도 꽤 많다.


이렇게 공부하는 게 맞나 싶다.

애니메이션 보면서 일본어를 하나하나 배우듯이 차라리 영상을 보면서 듣고 공부하는 게 더 낫으려나?

다시 방향을 잃을 것 같은 느낌이다.

일단 시작은 했으니 초등학교 3단계 책은 다 읽고 받아쓰기하도록 노력하자.

이것도 반복하다 보면 나아지겠지...



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22:58 ~ 23:42


"Let's go to the lake," says Counselor Lou.

"Take the picnic launch," says counselor Nico.

"Take the picnic lunch," says Counselor Nico.


"Look at the lake!" sighs Marcos.

"I love it," says Viv.

"I could live here forever," says Will.


The counselor set up the picnic launch.

The counselors set up the picnic lunch.

Everyone loves the launch.

Everyone loves the lunch!


"I'm taking a long walk," says Lani.

"I'm going to lie on this blanket," says Marcos.

"I'm going to sit on this log and read a book," says Viv.


Lani and Will walk along the lake.

"Do you hear that noise?" asks Will.

"Look around that log," says Lani.

They find nothing there.


"Shine your light over there," says Lani.

Will shines his light under the low branches.

"Can you see it?" asks Lani.


"Look! A little kitten!" whispers Will.

"Let make a leash and take back to the lake," says Lani.

"Let make a leash and take her back to the lake," says Lani.


"Look at the cute kitten we found," says Lani.

The kitten let out of low growl.

The kitten let out a low growl.

"Let it go! Let it go!" shouts Counselor Lou.

The kitten leaps for Will's leg.


"That is not a kitten! That is a lynx! A wild cat!" yells Viv.

"Leave it alone! RUN!" shouts counselor Lou.

"Leave it alone! And RUN!" shouts Counselor Lou.


lake (LAKE): A lake is a large body of fresh water that is surrounded by land.

lie (LYE): When you lie down you are stretched out, usually on your back, stomach, or side.

light (LITE): A light is another name for a flashlight. You shine the light so the area is brighter.

log (LOG): A log is a part of a fallen tree.

lunch (LUHNCH): Lunch is the meal that happens in the middle of the day.

lynx (LINGKS): A lynx is a wildcat with a bobbed tail, light brown or orange fur, and feathery hair on its ears.


sigh (saɪ): to take and then let out a long, deep breath that can be heard, to show that you are disappointed, sad tired, etc.

blanket (ˈblæŋkət): a large cover, often made of wool, used especially on beds to keep people warm

leash (liʃ): a long piece of leather, chain, or rope used for holding and controlling a dog

leap (lip): to jump high or a long way


어제보단 쉬운 책이다.

문장도 적고 모르는 단어가 적으니 읽고 듣고 받아쓰기하는데 크게 지장이 없었다.

쉬운 것만 볼 순 없고 어려운 책도 같이 봐야겠지...

문장 구조를 익히는 게 우선인가?

질리지 않고 지치지 않으려면 쉬운 책을 보는 것도 방법인 듯.


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22:00 ~ 23:16


"We're off to the museum." calls counseler Lou.

"We're off to the museum," calls counselor Lou.

"I want to see a movie," matters Marcos.

"I want to see a movie," mutters Marcos.


"Here we go!" says counseler Nico.

"Here we go!" says counselor Nico.

"Move over motorcycle! Move over moped! Move over motorbike!"

chant the children as the bus rumbles a long.

chant the children as the bus rumbles along.


"What a mixed up ride. We are here!" says counseler Lou.

"What a mixed up ride. We are here!" says counselor Lou.


"I want to see the moon rock". yells Will.

"I want to see the moon rocks!" yells Will.

"I want to see the mask." says Rosie.

"I want to see the map," says Rosie.

"Where is the man's room." mumbles Marcos.

"Where is the men's room?" mumbles Marcos.


Rosie says, "Great! The museum has many masks. Let's go see!"

The group marches off to see the masks.

The group marches off to see the many masks.

There are monkey masks, mouse masks, monster masks, and ...


"Oh no! A missing mask!" yells Rosie.

"Let's go look for it," says Will.

"Let's go look for it," says Viv.


The children look around the mumies.

The children look around the mummies.

They look moon locks.

They look through the moon rocks.

They look under the ully mamoth.

They look under the wooly mammoth.


Counseler Lou says "This is a mystery."

Counselor Lou says, "This is a mystery."

The mask is really missing.

"What is that?" yells Viv.

"It's a monster!" screams Rosie.

"It's a monkey!" cries Will.


It isn't any of those things.

"It's Marcos!" yell the children.

"News is more fun than a movie." giggles Marcos.

"This is more fun than a movie!" giggles Marcos.


map (MAP): A map is a plan of an area that shows the area's main features.

masks (MASKSS): Masks are coverings worn over faces to hide the faces.

monkey (MUHNG-kee): A monkey is a small ape.

monster (MON-stur): A monster is a large, scary creature.

motorcycle (MOH-tur-sye-kuhl): A motorcycle is a heavy vehicle with two wheels and an engine.

mummies (MUH-meez): Mummies are dead bodies wrapped tightly in cloth to preserve the bodies over a long time.


counselor (ˈkaʊnslər): a person who has been trained to advise people with problems, especially

mutter (ˈmʌt̮ər): to speak or say something in a quiet voice that is difficult to hear, especially because you are annoyed about something

moped (ˈmoʊpɛd): a motorcycle with a small engine and also pedals

chant (tʃænt): words or phrases that a group of people shout or sing again and again

rumble (ˈrʌmbl): to make a long, deep sound or series of sounds

along (əˈlɔŋ): from one end to or toward the other end of something

mixed up : confused because of mental, emotional, or social problems

yell (yɛl): to shout loudly, for example because you are angry, excited, frightened, or in pain

mumble (ˈmʌmbl): to speak or say something in a quiet voice, in a way that is not clear

march (mɑrtʃ): to walk with stiff regular steps like a soldier

through (θru): from one end or side of something or someone to the other

wooly (ˈwʊli): covered with wool or with hair like wool


worn (wɔrn): (of a thing) damaged or thinner than normal because it is old and has been used a lot

ape (eɪp): a large animal like a monkey, with no tail. There are different types of apes

preserve (prɪˈzərv): preserve something to keep a particular quality, feature, etc.; to make sure that something is kept


갑자기 난이도가 확 올라갔다.

지금까지 읽은 책들도 3단계라고 되어 있었는데...

오늘부터 3단계랑 차원이 다른데?


모르는 단어들이 많다 보니 대부분 문장을 다 틀렸네.

듣기 대 실패.

읽는데도 의미 파악도 제대로 안 됨...

이게 3단계구나...

꾸준히 반복적으로 번역에 얽매이지 말고 계속 읽어서 문장 구조를 익히자.

그래도 뭔 말인지는 알아야 익히지 않을까...?

계속 갈등되는 고민이긴 하다.

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