14:41 ~ 15:19



I love cookies.

They are so yummy.

I want another one!

Mom says, "No more cookies" Iza.

Mom says, "No more cookies, Iza!"

Tears tickle my eyes.



My heart beats fast.

My face feels hot.

I am angry!

Maybe if I stomp my feet and scream. I will get a cookie.

Mom says, "Go to your room " Iza.

Mom says, "Go to your room, Iza."

I stomp my feet all the way to my room

My anger makes me feel shaky inside.


In my room

I take some deep breaths.

I find a funny book to read.

Mom comes in my room to see why I am laughing.

We read together.

Mom puts her arms around me. She asks if I am still angry.

"Angry?" "What was I angry about?" I ask.


angry (ANG-gree): Feeling or showing annoyance or bad feelings toward someone or something.

scream (skreem): To suddenly cry out in a loud and high voice.

stomp (stahmp): To walk or move with very heavy or noisy steps.

together (tuh-geTH-ur): Doing something with one another.


shaky (ˈʃeɪki): shaking and feeling weak because you are sick, emotional, or old

annoyance (əˈnɔɪəns): the feeling of being slightly angry

toward (tɔrd): in the direction of someone or something

weak (wik): not physically strong

slightly (ˈslaɪtli): a little


내일 출근해야 하는데 요즘 재택 하면서 너무 늦게 자서 오늘은 일찍 자기 위해 공부를 일찍 시작했다.

재택 하면서 생활 패턴이 조금 깨진 것 같다.

출근에 대한 부담이 없다 보니 공부도 미루면서 늦게 하고,

공부 끝나고도 바로 잠들지 않고 다른 짓 하다가 늦게 자고...

다시 출퇴근 생활 패턴으로 바꿔야겠다.

늦어도 1시 이전엔 잘 수 있도록 노력해야지.


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23:48 ~ 00:12



It's bedtime.

Mia can't go to sleep.

Mia is afraid she will have a bad dream.

"Think of everything that makes you happy." Mom says.



Mia closes her eyes tightly.

She thinks and thinks.

She thinks about ridding her bike.

She thinks about riding her bike.

Ridding faster than her brother makes her happy.

Riding faster than her brother makes her happy!

Mia thinks about dance class.

She likes ballet best.

Strawberry ice cream makes mia happy.

The sweet taste makes her smile.

Mia thinks about her friends.

They're jokes make her giggle.

Their jokes make her giggle.

Playing soccer makes mia happy.

She thinks about scoring a goal.

Helping people makes mia happy.

She thinks about their hugs.

Sweet dreams make mia happy.

Good night!


ballet (BAL-ay): A style of dance that uses precise, graceful movements.

dream (dreem): Thoughts that happen in a person's mind during sleep.

giggle (gig-uhl): To laugh lightly in a silly way.

goal (gohl): Scoring points for getting a ball in the goal net.


precise (prɪˈsaɪs): clear and accurate

accurate (ˈækyərət): correct and true in every detail


점점 나태해져 가는 느낌이다.

책도 하루에 한 권 짧게 읽고 끝내고...

하루에 영어 공부하는 시간이 지난주부터 한 시간 정도로 확 줄었다.

실력이 느는 느낌이 없어서 그런가...

초심으로 돌아가서 최소 하루 두 시간은 공부하도록 노력하자.

여러 권을 읽기보다는 한 권을 그만큼 더 많이 읽고 익숙해지도록 반복하자.

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23:40 ~ 00:13


Best friends

This is Carlos.

His best friends name is Kim.

His best friend's name is Kim.

Carlos and Kim are navors.

Carlos and Kim are neighbors.

They play together.



One day Kim tells Carlos. She has to move.

One day, Kim tells Carlos she has to move.

Carlos is sad.

He says goodbye to Kim.

Tears tickle his eyes his belly feel sick.

Tears tickle his eyes. His belly feels sick.

Dad says it is ok to be sad.

Dad says it is okay to be sad.

"You will make new friends." he tells Carlos.


New Friends

Ding dong! The doorbell rings.

Carlos opens the door.

I am your new navor Ben.

"I am your new neighbor Ben!"

Ben tells Carlos. He did not want to move.

Ben tells Carlos he did not want to move.

"I was sad to leave my friends." Ben says.

Carlos put his arms around Ben.

Carlos puts his arm around Ben.

"You will make new friends. " Carlos says.

"I already have!" Ben smiles.


한글날 영어 공부를...

한글만큼 영어도 잘할 수 있으면 좋겠다.


이어지는 문장, 쉼표, 느낌표 등등 말하는 데는 큰 의미 없을 수 있지만 영작할 때는 실수하면 안 되는 것들

모르는 단어는 거의 없는데 스펠링이 가물가물...

꾸준히 하자!


move (moov): To change the place you live.

neighbors (nay-burs): People who live next door to each other.

sad (sad): When you are sad, you feel unhappy.

together (tuh-geTH-ur): Doing an activity with one another.


tickle (ˈtɪkl): tickle (somebody/something) to move your fingers on a sensitive part of someone's body in a way that makes them laugh

tickle (something) to produce a slightly uncomfortable feeling in a sensitive part of the body; to have a feeling like this

belly (ˈbɛli): the part of the body below the chest

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23:34 ~ 00:09


The Storm

Deon looks out the window.

The sky is dark and cloudy.

Lightning flashes.

Thunder booms.


Feeling Scared

The thunderstorm is loud.

It makes Deon feel scared.


Deon has goose bumps.


Tears trickle down his cheeks.

Deon runs his room.

He squeezes his eyes shut.

He covers his ears.

He takes a big breath.

He sings a song.


Sun Shine


After the storm Deon goes outside.

After the storm, Deon goes outside.

The storm watered the flowers!

Storms aren't so bad, Deon thinks.


goose bumps (goos buhmps): When you are cold and frightened tiny bumps appear on your skin.

lightning (LITE-ning): A flash of light in the sky when electricity moves between clouds, or between clouds and the ground.

thunderstorm (THUHN-dur-storm): A storm with heavy rain, thunder, and lightning.

trickle (TRIK-uhl): Flowing very slowly in a thin stream, or falling in drops.


cheek (tʃik): either side of the face below the eyes

squeeze (skwiz): squeeze (something) to press something firmly, especially with your fingers

frightened (ˈfraɪtnd): afraid; feeling fear

appear (əˈpɪr): to give the impression of being or doing something


모르는 단어는 많고...

문맥상 대충은 알겠는데 정확한 의미를 알고 싶어서 사전을 찾고 있다.

동화책이다 보니 그림 보고 대충 알만한 것들은 알겠는데,

삶에 너무 찌들었나? 그림 보고도 이해가 안 가는 것들이 있다.

뭔가 정답을 찾으려는 생각에서 벗어나서, 대략 느낌으로 받아들이는 연습을 좀 더 많이 해야겠다.

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